Lets Encrypt update - App updates without breaking anything please!


Hello everyone and thanks for looking! Is there a need to do this? I don’t want to lose my ssl certificate and am frankly a bit afraid to go messing with stuff as it is all running great.

Anyone have advice on how is the best way to handle updates in UCS, while minimizing the chances of breaking any of the active apps?

Release Updates: The currently installed release version is 4.3-3 errata451.

Package Updates: I just ran the package update today for Univention (3/6/19), it installed fine but took awhile to bring the server back up - and it now says none available.

It shows these available updates but I am not sure if I should risk updating any as they seem to break sometimes, and they are all actively used:

There are App Center updates available.

  • [BlueSpice MediaWiki]: Version 2.27.2-ucs.4 can be updated to 3.0.1-ucs.1
  • [Collabora Online Development Edition]: Version can be updated to
  • [Let’s Encrypt]: Version 1.2.2-3 can be updated to 1.2.2-8
  • [OpenProject]: Version 8.2.0 can be updated to 8.2.1
  • [Rocket.Chat]: Version 0.73.2 can be updated to 0.74.2
  • [ownCloud]: Version 10.0.9-20180720 can be updated to 10.0.10-2018-09-07

really have just got everyone onboard and they are starting to use the apps consistently, and I dont want to scare off any users in our company!

thank you