LDAP Settings Don't Populate into Ownloud

When I ran the UCS installation on virtualbox and then installed owncloud the settings for AD/LDAP were already populated.

When I did the same using the ESXi image the LDAP functionality had to be installed for Owncloud, once done it seemed UCS had no user for this purpose and when trying to connect directly to my own AD users didn’t work there either.

UCS is joined to our domain and I can view users/etc from within UCS, but none of the settings populated for owncloud and I cannot get it to connect.

Sounds like the installation didn’t succeed. Can you please run the following program on your UCS as root and post its output?


It appeared to be joined but kept installing as a backup DC.
I reinstalled before you posted and it came up as a Master DC as expected.

After this owncloud still didn’t have pre-filled options.
I grabbed the UID details from another user and manually connected owncloud to my AD bypassing UCS

Hello - I seem to be having a similar problem in that ownCloud 10.7 shows no LDAP on uCS 5.0 errata 131 - can you steer me toward the UID details I would need to do the same? Thank you