Lates 4.2 ISO Image broken

FYI. Just downloaded the latest .iso. I’m getting ‘no valid filesystem’ when attempting to mount the image. Downloaded a second time to rule out any issues with the initial download and had the same error on two different machines.


which Link did you use?
I can download through
what is the hash of your download?
I just did and got:

sha256sum UCS-Installation-amd64.iso 
dd8dc4dd989f7ec880142c21e42ab964491c3602c58c1d8449aed3cb5e6b6c8a  UCS-Installation-amd64.iso

Followed by:

$: mount UCS-Installation-amd64.iso mtp/ -o loop
$: mount: /home/user/Downloads/mtp: WARNING: device write-protected, mounted read-only.
$:  ls mtp/
all          boot    efi       g2ldr.mbr    isolinux    preseed.cfg         win32-loader.ini
amd64        debian  firmware  install      md5sum.txt  README.diskdefines
autorun.inf  dists   g2ldr     install.amd  netboot     setup.exe

Make sure you use the “-o” flag.


That is the URL I used.

About an hour or so later, I pulled it down again and mounted right away (no error.) No explanation. Perhaps some issue with the ISP or LAN here and not the image.