Kopano Web Meetings - Wrong audio device for output will be used



Hi all,

since I have updated Kopano DeskApp to version 2.x I’m facing a minor issue with my headset when I want to use Kopano WebMeetings. During a call the Windows default sound device (speakers) will be used for audio output.

Before the update (version 1.9.7) I was able to select/use my connected headset for both, audio input and output as well. The option “Play audio on same device as selected microphone” under advanced settings is checked.

As the behavior is the same now when I use DeskApp or WebApp, I asume that the issue is on the backend side (user profile?).

To workarround this I change my Windows default audio device upfront a call - not a big thing but a bit annoying. Would be great if someone can have a look or let me know how this can be fixed.

Thanks and best regards


Hi @tpfann,

For questions that are not directly related to the Univention platform or the Kopano apps I would rather recommend to ask them directly on the Kopano forum.

If it’s really just DeskApp that you have updated maybe this is a changed behaviour in Chromium?


Hi fbartels,

thank you for your feedback.

As advised I have posted my question directly on the Kopano forum.
Seems no one can support me on this topic as there was no feedback at all … :frowning: