Kopano not possible with Mailserver?

My problems with configuring the “Mailserver” let me ask about the right installed components.
The component Kopano (and webapp and z-push) is necessary, but have I to install Mailserver to use a Mailrelay?
Which is the right sequence of the components at installing?

Hi @Thomas_M,

it sounds like you already got your answer in Mail-Relay without Mailserver?, but I want to summarise anyways.

The Kopano Core and the mailserver apps cannot be installed at the same time, since both have components that want to listen on the same ports (to be precise Dovecot in the mailserver app and kopano-gatewat in the Kopano app, both wanting to listen on the default ports for Pop3(s)/Imap(s)).

When installing the Kopano Core app the required parts of the Univention mailstack are however installed and configured automatically. With these you will be able to send and receive mail locally and with proper external access (firewall and dns) you should also be able to send and receive mails from the external world. In case a “smarthost” is required to relay outgoing mails this can also still be configured through the Univention mail stack.

Hi fbartels,
in the last days I tested it. Now I understand.
After Deinstallation I installed Kopano with fetchmail. I documented all.
At the moment the system “eats” my Mails.
In the evening I will describe the whole situation and my results.
Then I hope for a hint to configure a smarthost.

Did you setup user accounts and mark, that the are using Kopano?

Yes, the Kopano-Role ist Kopano-User.
In the extended settings of the user: User, PW, external Mailserver and encrypted connection.

For this you opened this dedicated topic, is that correct?