Kopano Migration

I want to migrate my Kopan Mailserver to a complete fresh new ucs 4.3 server, due to not resolved problems since migration to 4.3 (see Amavisd-new: UNCHECKED contents in mail FROM LOCAL (since upgrade to UCS 4.3) )
I have now installed a new Backup Domain UCS Server with Kopano and fetchmail and z-push.
How do i migrate the old Kopano contents to the new server?
I have implemented the kopano backup script which dumps the sql database and the attachment directory - which is btw in a db named zarafa and not kopano becuase i’m using ucs since years and only updated until now.

My active server is ucsbak, the new additional one is named ucsmail, both are Backup DC.
Any hints are welcome, thx.

Restore the database and attachments? If your users still have the same unique id (which i would expect to be the case, when the old system is branched off through a backup node) then this is all it should take.

(Bonus points for restoring z-push states)

Thank you for the answer.
I’m not so familiar with SQL, and i missed the information to restore the SQL full-dump (zarafa.dump) on the new Server. Maybe it is a good idea to add on the Kopano Wiki pages in the “Backup&Restore” section also the info’s to restore a full dump (for dummies like me) :sunglasses: .

I did it this way for now:

# service kopano-server stop
# rsync -a ucsbak:/backup/kopano/kopano-attachments/* ucsmail:/var/lib/kopano/attachments/
# mysql kopano -p < zarafa.dump
# service kopano-server start

A short test on the webapp on the new host showed me my mails, looks good i think.

Is it that easy - would be cool?