Kopano-migration-imap not able to LOGIN on kopano non-active accounts

Hi there,

im currently syncing mails from a dovecot server to kopano.
for normal users that works smoothly. on kopano non-active accounts it says “imap feature disabled” and won’t login.
Error message:Host2 failure: Error login on [192.168.xx.xx] with user [username] auth [PLAIN]: 2 NO LOGIN imap feature disabled
What do i need to change?

Thanks in advance


non-active accounts do not have a password in Kopano and can therefore not be used to log in on their own (like through imap). The easiest approach is to temporarily switch the user over to be an active one.

Hi @fbartels,
im wondering, i have given them all separate passwords, and i can login in the webapp.
So whats the easiest way to switch them to active user temporarly?

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you have to switch the “Kopano Role” in the details of the user to “Kopano User”


there is no “user details” for the accounts in “Domain / Kopano Non-Active Accounts”. I think what you mean is if i created the user as Kopano-Role “Kopano shared storage/Inactive User” which are listed in the normal “Users” list. Maybe i should just delete and recreate them that way.

Thx so far

I was referring to the screen where you manage all your users, not the module specifically for non-active users.

Hey @fbartels,
yeah i thought so. But as i said, i can’t change the role on the “Kopano / Non-Active Accounts”. They are not shown on the screen where you manage all the users.