Kopano-migrate-pst: User has no store



ich bin langsam am verzweifeln… die Rücksicherung der PST-Dateien in Kopano läuft nicht bei allen Usern. Bei Usernamen mit Umlauten oder ß meldet das migrate-pst-script den Fehler: migration-pst - ERROR - user ‘heute.heiß’ has no store

Wie kann ich PST-Dateien für User mit Umlauten importieren?

for some users i cannot restore pst-files. In fact it doesn’t work for username with umlautes (äöüß). the migration-pst-script throws an error: migration-pst - ERROR - user ‘heute.heiß’ has no store

How can i import pst-files for those users?



Hi @Allyfied,

for questions that do not directly relate to UCS or the integration of Kopano into it I would recommend to rather ask these directly on the Kopano forum. When posting there also make sure to include information about the versions used.

The workaround seems trivial to me, though. Just don’t use these umlauts in your username.


Really?! The Kopano website says, i should contact the partner from who i bought the subsription :smiley:
Anyhow, problem is solved by the following command:

kopano-cli --create-store -u heute.heiß

after that, the import is working fine!


Sure, for support requests it does make sense to ask the person first from where you bought the subscription (and who most likely did the initial installation for you), but this is just a “users are helping users” forum (which by the way also counts for the Kopano forum, but there you will find more Kopano users).