Kopano Files after upgrade not usable with smb backend

Hi, UCS 4.2-0 errata29. Kopano webapp shows both smb shares connected (green dot) but clicking on “DATEIEN” (FILES) does not show any folders and just loads and loads. Apache-Logs show:

[Wed Jun 14 09:31:39.999657 2017] [:error] [pid 8226] [client ip:44644] [BACKEND_SMB]: Share path set to ablage, referer: https://access.TLD/webapp/
[Wed Jun 14 09:31:40.000179 2017] [:error] [pid 8226] [client ip:44644] [BACKEND_SMB]: Opening a nativ smb connection via libsmbclient-php, referer: https://access.TLD/webapp/
[Wed Jun 14 09:31:40.001659 2017] [:error] [pid 8226] [client ip:44644] [BACKEND_SMB]: SMB Share openened successfully!, referer: https://access.TLD/webapp/
[Wed Jun 14 09:31:40.001676 2017] [:error] [pid 8226] [client ip:44644] [BACKEND_SMB]: [LS] start for dir: /, referer: https://access.TLD/webapp/

problem started with latest kopano updates pulled in.

ii  kopano-backup                              8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        Utility to back up and restore Kopano stores
ii  kopano-client                              8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        Kopano MAPI provider library
ii  kopano-common                              8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        Shared files for Kopano Core services.
ii  kopano-contacts                            8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        MAPI provider adding contact folders in the addressbook
ii  kopano-dagent                              8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        E-Mail Delivery Agent for the Kopano Core
ii  kopano-gateway                             8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        POP3 and IMAP Gateway for the Kopano Core
ii  kopano-ical                                8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        ICal and CalDAV Gateway for Kopano Core
ii  kopano-lang                                8.3.1~35-6.1     all          Translations for Kopano Core components
ii  kopano-monitor                             8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        Quota Monitor for Kopano Core
ii  kopano-presence                            8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        kopano presence daemon
ii  kopano-search                              8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        Indexed search engine for Kopano Core
ii  kopano-server                              8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        Server component for Kopano Core
ii  kopano-server-packages                     8.3.1~35-6.1     all          Metapackage to install the entire Kopano Core stack
ii  kopano-spooler                             8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        E-mail Spooler for Kopano Core
ii  kopano-utils                               8.3.1~35-6.1     amd64        Admin command-line utils for Kopano Core
ii  kopano-webapp                       all          New and improved WebApp for Kopano
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-desktopnotifications      all          Kopano WebApp Desktop notifications plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-filepreviewer      all          Kopano File previewer plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-files           all          Adds Files functionality to Kopano enabling access to WebDAV and other files backends.
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-filesbackend-owncloud     all          Adds Owncloud specific functionality to Kopano Files plugin.
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-filesbackend-smb     all          Adds Samba specific functionality to Kopano Files plugin.
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-folderwidgets   all          Kopano WebApp folder widgets plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-mdm             all          Kopano WebApp MDM plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-smime            all          Kopano WebApp S/MIME plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-spell             all          Kopano WebApp Spellchecker plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-de-de       all          Kopano WebApp Spellchecker German dictionary plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-en          all          Kopano WebApp Spellchecker English dictionary plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-nl          all          Kopano WebApp Spellchecker Dutch dictionary plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-titlecounter   all          Kopano WebApp Titlecounter plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-webappmanual   all          Kopano WebApp Manual plugin
ii  kopano4ucs                                 1.3.1            all          Kopano4ucs integration package for Univention Corporate Server
ii  kopano4ucs-lib                             1.3.1            all          Library package for common Kopano4ucs functions
ii  kopano4ucs-schema                          1.3.1            all          LDAP schema for the Kopano4ucs integration
ii  kopano4ucs-udm                             1.3.1            all          UDM extensions for the Kopano4ucs integration
ii  kopano4ucs-webapp                          1.3.1            all          Kopano4ucs kopano-webapp integration package for Univention Corporate Server
ii  kopano4ucs-z-push                          1.3.1            all          Meta package for Z-Push installation
ii  libgsoap-kopano-2-8-43                     2.8.43-3.1       amd64        Runtime libraries for gSOAP
ii  libvmime-kopano1                           0.9.2-9.1        amd64        a C++ mail library (runtime library)
ii  python-kopano                              8.3.1~35-6.1     all          High-level Python bindings for Kopano
ii  z-push-backend-kopano                      2.3.6+0          all          Z-Push Kopano backend
ii  z-push-kopano                              2.3.6+0          all          Z-Push for Kopano
ii  z-push-kopano-gabsync                      2.3.6+0          all          GAB sync for Kopano

any idea on this?

Hi @siegmarb,

since you are already posting in english, could you repeat your post over at https://forum.kopano.io/category/21/plugins-for-kopano-webapp ? I’ll them make sure that one of our WebApp qa has a look at it.