Kopano + external owncloud server / 2 maildomains

Hello everyone,

I have 2 questions regarding my UCS(4.2) installation.

NR 1 = Owncloud in combination with Kopano
I’ve installed Kopano core + webapp and everything is working fine but the file plugin in Kopano doesn’t work. I’m trying to connect to my external Owncloud server. It is on another VM and IP. Every connection ends in a red bulb saying it can’t connect. Owncloud is running and fully accessible. I’ve tried the SSL and the plain connection. The owncloudserver has a valid SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt). The UCS doesn’t have a valid certificate (only UCS CA)

NR2 = I wish to use my Kopano with 2 mail domains is this possible?

Can anyone please help me out?


I’d first check if the WebDAV-URL which is constructed from the values in the account configuration is valid. In your case you have specified https://cloud.something/remote.php/webdav. Please verify with the URL shown in the settings of your ownCloud-instance (lower left side in the UI).

Regarding your question if it is possible to use more than one mail domain: Yes. You should define them in the Mail domains



yes, using Kopano with 2 different mail domains is possible.
Are these separate domains or just 2 different domains for all users?


Hi Dirk,

I’ve found the answer to my problem. https://forum.kopano.io/topic/366/kopano-files-after-upgrade-not-usable-with-smb-backend/5

This solved part of it, the other part was a adjustment in my DNS records. This was because the owncloud instance was in the same domain (cloud.xxxx.xx and UCS.xxxx.xx). Thanks for the hints.

Hi Jeroen,

These are 2 separated domains on one server. When i make 2 separate maildomains it isn’t working.

You’ll need to do both: Create the mail-domains in UMC.
But also, create a directory structure within LDAP and a few other things.

https://documentation.kopano.io/kopanocore_administrator_manual/special_kc_configurations.html - Chapter 6.2



in Kopano Multi-tennancy != Multi domain. you can freely assign domain names as you primary address and as long as your mta knows that it should deliver the email to Kopano you will be fine. The explanation from chapter 6.2 will only be necessary if you want to host independent tenants on your system (a user from tenant a is not able to see a user from tennant b).

=> Multi-Tenancy.


not necessarily

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Multi-tennancy is not needed in my case because both mailservers are my own companies and al employees may see each other and work with each other. I’m going to play with multi-maildomains in my case. Thanks for the helping out!

So these domains are not separated, where data or visibility is concerned.