Kopano - change Port of the webaccess




I look for a Howto to change the Port from the Kopano-Webaccess.

I changed ucs/web/overview/entries/service/kopano-webapp/port_https to the port and open the port on the firewall, but i can’t get to the webaccess.

Any idears?



Hi @AngstHab,

this ucr variable only controls how the webapp is represented on the univention web portal.

There is no built in way to change the port for WebApp on Univention. To achieve this you have to create a new vhost entry, most of the contents you can copy from the current webapp entry, though.

Opinion: changing the port of WebApp does not add to security (the webserver is still discoverable by a port scan) and instead just reduces usability for users (since, they now instead of just the hostname, also need to enter a port). If the reason for the question is "i can only expose one application on port 443 in my router) I would instead recommend to look into reverse proxies to expose the different applications on different hostnames.


Thanks for your answer.

I need this, because i have to use more than one portforwarding on multiple servers and applications.
The standart https-Port 443 is used by a orther application.



Like I said, I’d rather recommend to use a reverse proxy for this. Probably the easiest one to setup is caddy.

But: the source and destination port don’t necessarily need to match for portforwarding. So if you just want to use a different port on the outside, you don’t really need to change it on the Univention host either.


I changed the orther app and use the port 443 for Kopano Webaccess now.
But how can i save the univention root from outside?
I have a old installation from UCS 3.6 to 4.4. On this server, i can use the .htaccess on /univention and /univention-management-console . It works to deny the managment-console.
On my new UCS 4.4 installation, the ./htaccess on this locations are ignored! I cant find any points on the vhost.conf for deny the managment-console!



It’s probably best to open a dedicated topic for this, since it does not have anything to do with Kopano.


Thanks for your help