Join a Windows Client to specific DC

Hi all,

It’s been a long time since I came here :wink:

My UCS cluster is now a greate scalable, distributed, HA supported infrastructure, and he can easily handle all trafic.

But everything is not pink in my wonderland. I’ve noticed that some of my desktop clients try to join another site slave DC on another site creating some latency in join protocol.

How can I precise preference order for DC based on clients location ?



the client join (initial domain entry) is not really the defining factor here, since windows just grabs the first DC as logonserver (that is what you mean, right?) that answers. A site configuration may have an influence, but you cannot definately say where the windows client will knock. I think a way can be to work with physical network measures or the likes to encase a client in his site - that would cover both issues (join and logon).