Join a computer to container

Is it possible to join a computer to a container based on IP address? I have several subnets: x.109.9.0/24, x.109.0.0/24, x.10.8.0/24, etc. Each of these subnets should be associated with an organizational unit. At the moment, I would have to manually move each new computer that joins the domain. Is there a way to make that automatic?

make each range part of a different vlan. , then radius /Network Policy Server…

other than that… how is the AD supposed to “know” that a particular computer goes where?

The only other way would be script it then put it in the GPO startup, and ensure that network connection is made BEFORE you do the logic… (wait for NW connection I think it is)

Ok, if it’s a headache to setup default computer ou by subnet, how can I set the default ou for joins in general?