Is it possible to test UCS-5 with NextCloud?

hi everyone, I would like to test a new install of ucs-5, but I definitively need NextCloud.
Is ti possible to install from docker rep ? Or should I stick to Univention repo ?

thanks for your lights.

Use the default. The UCS Appcenter.

will it be backward compatible ?

Ähm… In what way? .

I Guess when you said “use the Ucs appcenter” you mean ucs-4 appcenter.
because I already use the default appcenter but in uce-5 there is not Nexcloud.
So if it is the Appcenter for Ucs-4, will it be backward compatible with UCE-5 ? I’m not sure.


Oh, hmm… ok. Yeah, i never tested UCS5, so sorry yes i can’t help you with. Strange, no Nextcloud in UCS5, this is one from the main apps… :roll_eyes:

this is what I have as repository.