Is it possible to get rid of LVM on UCS?

Hi guys,

I’m running UCS as a VM on proxmox and I did run into some issues with /boot getting too small. So my first thought was, why not using the good ol’ system rescue CD and just use good 'ol gparted to sort things out.

Sadly I discovered that UCS runs LVM which I couldn’t move.As swap is also on the LVM, I’m pretty much out of ‘sane options’.

My ideas range from adding another disk as /boot up to just making a tarball of the rootfs and unpacking that onto a new disk…

Hi ToeiRei,
LVM was invented to make the admins life easier… but sometimes it bites you.
In your case: Add an empty disk to your VM and use it as swap-device. Swapoff /dev/old-device
and then mkswap /dev/sd[newdisk] and then swapon /dev/sd[newdisk], and yes - the whole disk, not the partition!
After that you can remove the LVM-Swap-space and add the free space to your boot-lvm.
Search for : Thomas Krenn LVM HOWTO

Thank you, @jottschi

I am aware that software raids like LVM or DM are nice to have on physical machines. In my case I just moved the rootfs over and added a second (virtual) disk to accomodate swap. Rewriting grub, fstab, initramfs config (resume partition!) wasn’t all that hard.

The problem was that I couldn’t move the lvm partition at all using gparted and friends and so I decided to use the nuclear option.