Internal Server Error after Upgrade to 4.3 and new installation of 4.3 as VM

Hey there,

after the Upgrade to 4.3 I cant’t open some settings like network settings or updates. After a second the Message comes up:

"Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten:

Interner Server-Fehler: Verbindung zum Modulprozess konnte nicht aufgebaut werden.

Fehlernachricht des Servers:

Connection to module process failed"

If I click on ok … the loading circle server stops

It also happened due to a fresh new installation of a 4.3 UCS. Both Systems are running on a QNAP NAS virtualization Station.

thank you

I found a solution by reading another post in this forum. Changing the QNAP VM network-adapter to Intel from Virtio and the HDD emulation from VirtIO to SCSI emulation solves this errors.

Greetings phiku