Installing Amazon EC2 Cloud connection gives error 'Release is not signed'



Release version is 4.3-1 errata126
Can’t install Amazon EC2 Cloud connection

W: GPG error: uvmm-ec2/all/ Release: The following signatures were invalid: 6B6E7E3259A9F44F1452D1BE36602BA86B8BFD3C
E: The repository ‘ uvmm-ec2/all/ Release’ is not signed.

Any suggestions please?


The Install failed from the App Center with "Internal server error’ but I was able to install it successfully from the command line with:

univention-app install uvmm-ec2


Not to hijack, but I had a similar issue in a test lab with a kopano install - internal server error from the app center but it worked on the command line.

Haven’t had time to look for any relevant logs yet, will look for signature issues like you’ve had.