Installed GIT LAB from the AppCenter, but can't Push things

Helle all,

i’am using here UCS 4.4 with the actual GITLAB Version 12 from Appcenter. So i created my first project and i would like to push it. But gilab show me the wrong url. It shows me the Domain Name. Strange, because i have set the FQDN for the gitlab Server in the appcenter options.

So if i would push i get this error:

git push -u origin master
fatal: unable to access 'https://tux.lan:22222/gitlab/opensource-it/change-local-groups-to-ldapgroups.git/': Failed to connect to p
ort 22222: Verbindungsaufbau abgelehnt

If i setup a new project on Gitlab, i also get wrong addresses in the webinterface to create the repository.

If i change this in the gitconfig to the real FQDN, i get the same error. But if i do an NMAP the port is open…

Thanks :):):slight_smile:

I have the server completly reinstalled, now i can push.