Installation with number domain name doesn't work e.g. directory.11.apo

UCS 4.2-1 errata52

During install, and later also I see the following in the syslog:

loading configuration from ‘/etc/bind/named.conf.proxy’
/etc/bind/named.conf.proxy:14: expected IP match list element near ‘;’
loading configuration
exiting (due to fatal error)

If I add ANY to that config it errors out on the load files later on in the file.

and I think i found the error.
failed nameserver: Value may not contain other than numbers, letters and dots!

my ucs server name is directory.11.apo

Traceback is /usr/share/univention-admin-tools/univention-dnsedit, line 403 in module main

looks like Problem mit DNS Zonen WebInterface became worse.

This is not a good idea and not supported, as your “hostname” without the domain is just “11” and that is a valid IP address, namely a shortcut for “”. Any DNS RFC tells you to not do that!