Install single errata

Hello everybody,

is there a way to install a specific errata rather than upgrade the entire system?



I dont think so and I can not see a reason to try it (unless you have some software installed from other sources than the Univention-repos).

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Dirk Ahrnke

It would be useful to not install a broken errata.

The terms “Erratum/Errata” may be misleading for those who are not familiar with the way how Linux repositories are working.
Basically every Erratum will add newer packages to the Repository at .
If you run “apt-get upgrade” - which is the base-technology in the background - the new packages are detected, downloaded and installed.
There are some more or less usable methods to block packages ot to downgrade (some examples in How to Downgrade a Package via apt-get?).
You can see the package(s) in question in the description of every Erratum.