Install certificate from MS AD to UCS

The UCS 4.4.4 server is installed in the local network. It is connected to an Active Directory domain.

login as: Administrator
Keyboard-interactive authentication prompts from server:
| Password:
End of keyboard-interactive prompts from server
Univention DC Master 4.4-4:

The UCS management system is available at (

You can log into the Univention Management Console - the principal tool to manage
users, groups, etc. - using the “Administrator” account and the password selected
for the root user on the master domain controller.

Administrator @ cloud: / etc / univention / ssl $ ls
cloud password nextc-26170703 openssl.cnf ucsCA
Administrator @ cloud: / etc / univention / ssl $

DNS has a record ( and I did another (also

In Active Directory, I made a certificate.

How can I import (configure) a certificate to UCS? To make https work for the name