Import of .ICS stopps after first entry

I try to import calendar files from my nextcloud instance to kopano. In Nextcloud i exported all calendars as seperate .ics-files. In Kopano i use the rightclick on the webpage to import the files but it imports only the first entry of the .ics files.
What must i do to import the whole calendars?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @fibaxx,

the version natively available on the appcenter indeed only supports importing a single item per transaction through php-mapi. There was work going on in later versions, although from the top of my head I am not sure if this was fully resolved.

Thank you for your answer.
Is there any other way to import a full .ics-file?
Maybe per command line?

I figured out that i can import the full .ics-files with Outlook.

In Kopano i have a structure with 5 different calendar folders next to the default calendar folder.
If i import with Outlook, it imports all entries to the default calendar folder. Is there a way to change the default calendar folder to another one and remove the default-default calendar folder which is created on a new user profile permanently?

There is for example

Also with python-kopano you could also craft your own import solution.

If you import with Outlook, can’t you choose where to import to?

I figured out that when i import an .ics file from outlook to calendar, its imported to the default calendar. Then i can go to the kopano website and move all entries from the default calendar to the seperate calendar folders. I have done this for all my .ics files so this step is finished.

The last question is how can i delete a mailbox folder from command line? I would like to delete the default folder “calendar” and a second one, which is only visible in Outlook.

Its generally not a good idea to delete the default folders (and this is also the reason why WebApp does not do it) since clients and workflows depend on these to exist.