Implementation of UCS in Azure



We are trying to setup UCS Server in MS Azure and would like all the users to AD of Univention for authentication with a Site to Site VPN. The users after getting authenticated should be able to access all the Servers which are in Azure.

We tried uploading the UCS VM (Hyper-V VHDX) to Azure after converting it to VHD format.
But we failed and again we have implemented internally first and converted into VHD format and then again we have uploaded the VM but failed with errors.

Request you to find out if any of you were successful in this. More pointers would be appreciated.




sorry for the delay. Did you manage it meanwhile?

As far as I understand you have not been able at all to get the VHD up and running, right?
Well, first “with errors”: it would be helpful to have an idea what errors appeared.



Hi Christian,

Thanks for your reply.
Please find attached screenshot of the error.

Request you to help us out.



Sorry to ask this.

Have you checked the mentioned URL?

As it is a deployment error and not a validation error the image is ok. I suggest to read the article to find some more information about the error happening. There are references to logfiles and so on. Sorry, I do not have an Azure instance to test it out.