How to edit the default behavior of the user module

In the default settings the user module loads all users when starting up. If there are a lot of users this is annoying slow. Is there a possibility to start up with a certain usergroup or is there a setting for a pagination or something else, to start up with a lower number of users?


the behavior of the UMC search can be controlled via UCR:

directory/manager/web/modules/autosearch: no
 By default an automatic search for all objects is performed by the domain management modules of the Univention Management Console.
 This behavior can be completely disabled through this option.
 Alternatively, the autosearch can be configured on a per module basis (see 'directory/manager/web/modules/.*/.*/search/autosearch').

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thanks, works fine.
When adding “ucsschool/wizards/autosearch - false” to “Univention Configuration Registry” automatic search is also disabled in UCS@SCHOOL-Modules

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