How to dismiss Nextcloud update message in UCS software update?

I am using UCS since last summer and I am very satisfied with it. - The developers did a great job.

In the last months I upgraded the Univention docker App Nextcoud several times to version 17.0.3 as it was recommended inside Nextcloud.

In Nextcloud under Settings - Overview:


Nextcloud 17.0.3 Deine Version ist aktuell.

But in UCS I always receive the message, that an app-update of Nextcloud is waiting:

Es sind App Center-Aktualisierungen verfügbar.

  • [Nextcloud]: Version 15.0.8-0 kann auf 16.0.6-0 aktualisiert werden

Is there any possibility to disable the update reminder in UCS as long as Nextcloud is more recent than the Univention app recommends?

I don’t want to run that UCS-update to V 16.0.6-0, because there are new database fields in the Nextcloud 17 database, to prevent my system from data loss.

Does nobody have an answer?

I can only say NEVER EVER do a App Upgrade inside the app if you’re using UCS
You must do the updates through the UCS app center

But I have no advice on your situation you’re now - best would be to export all data and do a reinstall from app center - that what i would do


Apparently this will soon be fixed in the app itself:

Meaning that another layer is implemented that the app update notifications are not shown.

Thank you fbartels - this might be very helpful.

oh, I have nothing to do with this. Just linked an existing issue in the Github repo of the project.

Right, but YOU pointed me to the bug-report, where the needed information became published :wink:

I got it!
I cannot grant, that the described method will work for everybody. - Do a full backup, before you try to follow the steps below.

Today I spent some time to look, how to get rid of the message mentioned in my first posting.
As mentioned in my first posting I did install Nextcloud 15 together with my UCS.
From time to time I got a message after logging in with my Firefox, that a new Nextcloud version was available. So I installed it every time.

The latest version was 17.0.3. last February.
The Univention Software update told:

[Nextcloud]: Version 15.0.8-0 can be upgraded to 16.0.6-0

I scanned the Univention registry with

ucr dump |grep 15.0.8-0
and found two entries:
ucr get appcenter/apps/nextcloud/version
ucr set appcenter/apps/nextcloud/image

So i changed the values using

ucr set appcenter/apps/nextcloud/version=“16.0.6-0”
ucr set appcenter/apps/nextcloud/image=“

to be sure, that the registry works well, I did a

ucr commit

and rebooted the system
After next login the Software-Updater told:

[Nextcloud]: Version 16.0.6-0 can be upgraded to 17.0.2-0

So I repeated the steps as mentioned above but setting to “17.0.2-0”

Finally I received the message

[Nextcloud]: Version 17.0.2-0 can be upgraded to 18.0.4-0

So I executed the App-Updater and upgraded Nextcloud to 18.0.4-0.
At the end of the installation I followed the recommended steps, did a manual occ upgrade:

univention-app shell nextcloud sudo -u www-data /var/www/html/occ db:add-missing-indices
univention-app shell nextcloud sudo -u www-data /var/www/html/occ upgrade
univention-app shell nextcloud sudo -u www-data /var/www/html/occ maintenance:mode --off

After a final reboot everything worked fine for me and I now can use the new features of Nextcloud Hub.

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