How to disable other Kopano themes in dropdown?



Hello, I’m wondering if there is a way to remove/disable/delete the available themes in Kopano once a user logs in and goes to their settings.

I have created my own theme, and wish to remove everything in the list except for the theme I have set as default. i can see "Basic, Dark, Example Theme, High Contrast ect ect…

I’ve looked through the config and defaults php in /usr/share/kopano-webapp but I can’t seem to find anything.



Hi @sgvfr,

afair there is an option to disable a list of plugins in config.php (a theme is nothing else than a plugin). If that does not do the trick I want uld suggest to post over in the Kopano forum.


Thanks, I didn’t even try to use them like a plug-in. I’ll try that today. I couldn’t even find a folder but with it just being a color scheme I’m assuming it’s only a case of different css styles being used.