How to create new User without Password but with Self Service module


i want to create some new User with Ansible and Shell (univention-directory-manager) modules, now i’m able to do something like this:

shell: "univention-directory-manager users/user create --position 'cn={{ basic_groups[1] }},ou={{ company_group }},dc=cloud,dc=local' \
  --set username='{{ item.username}}' \
  --set firstname='{{ item.firstname }}' \
  --set lastname='{{ item.lastname }}' \
  --set organisation='{{ company_group }}' \
  --set mailPrimaryAddress='{{ }}' \
  --set password='{{ random_password }}' --ignore_exists"

I think it’s a good idea to create a new user without a password and send him a Sel-Service email as described here:

So but my question is, how can i do the same with shell / CLI ?



without password

isn’t possible. There is a switch to reset the password on next login with pwdChangeNextLogin

Best, Bernd