Hostname setting for appcenter

UCS 4.0x comes with a lot of Gadgets , graphics … etc. Please where do you update the hostname that APP Center pulls so an applicantion can be installed. Our system is pulling 2 names that are not the ones that should be used. Results are:

            1) No route to host  ... 
            2)  SSL mismatch  with the certificate and the name being used.

         Please be as technical as possible.   Is there a way to install  Open-Xchange  App Suite from command line?

Rolando Riley

Can anybody answer please?


Please supply the complete commandline that you used and the complete error message output.

Please supply the complete error message as well as the source of the message (log file?).

Hi Troeder,
The error messages make sense since this host is not either airesistemas nor ox for such domain. Regardless, UCS is pulling this names from somewhere I haven’t been able to find on my queries of LDAP or UCR.

       Correct name to be pulled to match certificate and  have a route to the system is "mail"  as the title indicates. 

       Please let me  know where on the new UCS I can update the correct name "mail".   Please se attached  images:


ucr dump | grep hostname
hostname: mail
newhostname: mail
ox/cfg/ @%@hostname@%@.@%@domainname@%@



The hosts that are listed in the drop-down top-right and by the AppCenter are all known UCS servers in your domain.

The AppCenter asks you, on which of them you want to install the App. Choose the “mail” to install the OX App on that server.

It’s a feature: you do not need to login to the server on which you want to install a App - you can do it remotely (except that on slaves you have to run the new join scripts manually).

thanks for the response. What I wanted was really update those names to the correct one. Finally was able to do it through the LDAP and Devices–>Computer

Rolando Riley