"Host settings" in field "Fully qualified domain name" I must enter "examp.com" or "XXXX.examp.com"?

Tell me please:
There is a domain name registered with the registrar: examp.com (and a static ip is registered)
When installed in a window “Host settings” in field “Fully qualified domain name” I must enter “examp.com” or “XXXX.examp.com”? And add the alias from the registrar “XXXX.examp.com

“fully qualified host name”: server.examp.com
“host name”: server
“domain name”: examp.com

But think of using your on local-only domain! Then you will not getting confused by same names pointing to different IPs!
Perhaps use examp.intranet or so. Oh, and do not use “.local”…


Here is a thread (albeit in german) where another way to setup your domain is described, maybe it is helpful nonetheless.