Fully utilizing UCS Nagios

Sorry if this is in the wrong area, but I’ve not seen much when it comes go Nagios so I am dropping this here. Feel free to correct me if it is in the wrong area.

We now have our Nagios UCS Member Server set up to monitor our Windows & UCS Servers. Our next project is to monitor our switches and routers. We would LIKE to do this through the UCS Nagios installation instead of a separate Nagios system (the idea of FAN - Fully Automated Nagios Server has been thrown around in planning/engineering.)

Has anyone done this yet, or is currently doing this? Any pointers, suggestions? I know one can pretty much monitor ANYTHING with Nagios once configured right.

I know plug-ins will be needed, but how does one add the device as a “host”, by managed IP or another method?

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Hello Brian,

I guess a good starting point is this example given here, that shows how to integrate additional plugins with UCS: docs.software-univention.de/manu … newplugins

Also, monitoring-plugins.org/ provides a good basic set of maintained plugins.

And yes, I would add the network devices as “IP managed client”, that’s the intended usage of this client role (network printers, routers, switches, UPS …). This way they can get a dedicated IP (even receive that one via DHCP if needed), you can give them a hostname and (if “Nagios support” in the “Options” tab is enabled) assign Nagios checks and notifications.

Best regards,
Michael Grandjean