Fresh Install 4.3 but no ldap integration owncloud

I installed a fresh ucs4.3. Installation OK, Installed Kopano + Webapp. Then Owncloud 10.x from UCS installed.
I created some users in ucs. Kopano works fine but the users are not found bij owncloud. Only basic user owncloud is known.
When I go to settings user authentication, the ldap credentials are empty.
So I fill out this form (fqdn + detected port)
as user DN
as password the password form owncloud.secret(Couldn’t think of something better)
However: detect base DN not possible so I filled it out. Still get errormessage not possible contact ldap server.

Maybe this helps: In my auth.log this line is coming up:

Mar 18 18:06:09 rigel nscd: nss_ldap: reconnecting to LDAP server…
Mar 18 18:06:09 rigel nscd: nss_ldap: reconnected to LDAP server ldap:// after 1 attempt

So can anybody help me to get the integration right?


I found out: When installing UCS 4.3 php5-ldap isn’t installed for default.
After I installed php5-ldap, created a password for owncl-307484 in the ldap directory, and used this password is the owncloud settings I could configure the integration just the way I liked.