Fetchmail as normal inbound mail


I’ve got UCS set up (first time) with Zarafa and am struggling a bit with configuring mail.
Is there a way on UCS to handle mail collected by fetchmail as normal inbound mail and not only for a single user?


the Fetchmail App will enhance the user settings as shown in the screenshot (see link).
This seem to match your requirement.

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Dirk Ahrnke

Hi Ahrnke,
Thanks for your reply!I think that all mail will end up in that specific users mailbox.
I would like for the fetched mail to be distributed to the correct (different) users.

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You are most likely looking for fetchmail in multidrop-mode (see “man fetchmail” for an explanation).
As far as I know the Fetchmail App is not able to configure mutlidrop.
But is is always possible to edit the fetchmailrc-file manually.

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