Failed to Open Group Policy Object

So… After an AD takeover in my lab, I can no longer use RSAT to edit my policies. I have ensured the appropriate user is a member of the Domain Admins and Administrators. However the only error I receive is:

Failed to opn the Group Policy Object on ucs1.domain.lan. You may not have appropriate rights
Details: The network name cannot be found…

All the DNS entries are correct for forward and reverse, the users can log in… I can force a gpupdate and it appears the policies are applied exactly how they should be, but I cannot edit them…

Anyone have a thought that I can try ?


“The network name cannot be found” sounds suspiciously like similar reports regarding accessing Samba shares in this forum (all of them in German, unfortunately, e.g. 1, 2, 3). Is this a UCS 4.1 installation?

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Hello, yes it is a 4.1 installation. I’ll take a look at those posts also.

Thank you

After consultation with Univention I’ve summarized this and three other threads in bug 40374 so that there’s a central place to work on this further.

Thank you very much!

Wondering if there is anything else I can provide on this issue? I don’t see the bug report updated at all.

Thanks !

You should probably ask in the bug report itself if there’s any kind of information you could provide. I don’t work for Univention directly and only provide support here on the forum – I don’t do real development on the UCS components.