Email not sending/recieving

I have UCS on amazon EC2, using the Zarafa webmail and in order for me to be able to send or receive email o have to restart my server, can anybody help me out with this?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean when you say that you “have to restart your server”. Is it something like this the following?

[ul][li]You create/start your EC2 instance[/li]
[li]You try to send an email, but it won’t be sent out (if not please show us the content of /var/log/mail.log for that mail in order to see why it wasn’t sent)[/li]
[li]You reboot the instance[/li]
[li]Now the same mail is sent out[/li][/ul]

If not, can you describe the circumstances and your actions and their consequences in more detail, please?