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I am very new to servers and IT in general. I have setup a UCS Server (5.0) on an old computer at home for testing. The installation was successful, I have access to it locally and I have opened the ports 80 and 443 of my router to point to the fixed IP address of my computer (

I am the owner of a domain example[dot]net which I purchased through namecheap[dot]com. I created a subdomain server[dot]example[dot]net which I would like to point to my home UCS server (the main domain points to my personal website which is hosted at a regular hosting provider).

For this purpose I understand that I need a Dynamic DNS client. Reading the documentation of namecheap[dot]com, I understand I can use a DNS client as explained here and here. I have already “Created an A+Dynamic DNS” for the hostname; but I am unsure how to setup this DNS client. Should i install it on my UCS server computer? Which one should I go for in your opinion, zoneclient or ddclient ?

Is anyone familiar with this kind of setup? How did you do for your server? I am open for other suggestions as well. (please use a beginner friendly language :)))

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Hello vermar,

You can run the client directly from the server or from your router, AVMs FRITZ!Boxes for example have the option to configure dynDNS directly.
ddclient is available from the repositories and can be installed directly via univention-install ddclient.
However there are more things to keep in mind: If you are not familiar with servers in general I would not recommend to run UCS publicly available as its intended usage is at least behind a firewall. You can check the Cool Solution - UCS reachable from the Internet for more info on what to think of.

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Thank you! I will do this. Good advice, I think I am not ready to go public just yet…

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