Dovecot new quota percentage email


I’d like to send users quota emails at 99% full email boxes. Can I just add a registry key similar to the 80 and 95 percent messages?

Also, do quota messages work even if a user is not part of Open-XChnage, yet does have IMAP email?


I cannot answer the question about the registry keys for quota messages. Someone from Univention might know.

Technically quota messages are completly independent from Open-Xchange. They are configured and sent by Dovecot IMAP server according to its configuration.

Hello Gerald,

it’s like @woro writes: the quota (warning) management is done completely by Dovecot, OX is not involved.

Yes: you can create as many mail/dovecot/quota/warning/text/.* variables as you like… or probably just 99 :wink: