Domain server is not upgrading issue from 3.2.-8 to newer version


Hello there
the case is: My main Dc got internel problems so i promote my backup dc to main dc
my old DomainController got the latest update but my Backup server was 3.2. i was not using that much .Now i promote it to main server, 2 problem arise
1 : is not updating to 3.3 or higher
when updating give following error =the errata level version of this system is 0 .in order to install the ucs 3.3 release update please upgrade the system to the least errata level 422!(how can i update it)
2 problem :when joining new system to my domain.i give correct username and password but instead giving me error incorrect username and password
please help in this issue


Hi @mamoon,

erratum 0 in the middle of a release is always an indicator that the previous upgrade went wrong or at least had a serious issue. Often it helps to restart the upgrade,
root@ucs:~# univention-upgrade --ignoressh
if not there should be a hint in the logfile /var/log/univention/updater.log

Your second problem is not as specific as needed. If your new system has a newer UCS version than your master, you can’t join it. The master should never have a lower version than the joining system.

In both problems also a DNS or other network issue might be the cause of it all.

Kind Regards
   Nico Stöckigt