Docker apps unifi


I am interested in moving my system to univention,
Is it possible to install any additional docker app from docker hub or are we only limited with the apps in the app center?
I looked and looked but cannot seem to find any info about this.

For example, I would like to install unifi controller, and it seems that there is no documentation about this,

I am looking forward to your help,


You can use the docker command as you’d do it on any other Debian based Linux distribution.
You should however not change the Docker daemons settings through other means than the supported UCR settings.
If you just want to start an container and forward its ports etc, there should be no problem.

Daniel Tröder

Thank you for your response,

However I fail to see what would be the way to do it, should I do it via command line, or is there an interface like portainer to do it with ?
Also is there a way to manage hard drives like there would be on synology or not?


No special interface, you’ll have to do it on the cmdline.

During the initial installation there is the Debian installer that helps you setup your hard disks. After that, you’ll have to use the cmdline or install a graphical frontend like gparted.