DNS query issue

Hi All,

UCS master has records of a computer (UCS based which is joined to be a member, not a DC) as below:

  • has record in Computer module
  • has record in DNS module (both forward zone and PTR)
    But when clients and even UCS master make some queries, it return no result. I tried to check with another record and I found that the UCS master return the result from DNS server of another Domain Controller. It seems that the UCS master does not query on itself. Can you show me which value decide the UCS master to check record in itself?

A UCS DC master should usually have itself configured as the primary name server. Check the config registry variables »nameserver1« through »nameserver3«: usually only one is set and contains the DC’s IP address.

On a UCS DC master you have two choices for where DNS entries are lookup up: either in the OpenLDAP directory or in the Samba 4’s LDAP directory. Both should contain nearly the same information, but it’s possible that the synchronization between the two has been disrupted. Check with »univention-s4connector-list-rejected« for such unresolved conflicts.

Which of the two backends is used can be configured via the config registry variable »dns/backend«.

Queries which cannot be answered from that backend are then forwarded to the DNS server configured by the config registry variables »dns/forwarder1« through »dns/forwarder3«.