DNS problems


I have been having some issue with DNS…
In looking at my ‘users’ list, I see entries for dns-ServerName for 3 out of the 4 AD servers - except one. I am wondering if this could be part of the problem.
How do I manage to get this added back in?



I’m not sure that I got you right. Which kind of DNS problems do you have?
What do you mean by saying you have the “dns-ServerName” of 3 AD servers in your “users list”? Maybe you could take a screenshot of the dialog you are talking of?

Janis Meybohm


The attached screen capture shows the automtaically added users (dns-serverName) I have 4 setup currently:
ucs3-pdc (site 1)
ucs3-2 (site 1)
ucs3-dc3 (site 2)
ucs3-dc4 (site 2)



the join-script “96univention-samba4.inst” creates the “dns-*” users by running “/usr/share/univention-samba4/scripts/create_dns-host_spn.py”.
Please make sure that all join scripte on “ucs3-dc3” have completed successfully by running “univention-run-join-scripts”.

Janis Meybohm


Through the UI, all scripts appear to have run.
When I run univention-run-join-scripts from the command line, the server runs down the list of individual scripts as expected. However, all of them show as skipped (already executed).

Is there a way to force the script to run? Might that cause other issues?



you may run the scripts again by actually rejoining the complete system (univention-join).
Alternatively you may reset the scripts “run status” by removing the corresponding line from /var/univention-join/status.

Janis Meybohm


Univention-join run successfully. Every task seemed to complete, however the expected entry for dns-dc3 did not show up
I still only see the other 3 systems.



do you see some errors in /var/log/univention/join.log or when running /usr/share/univention-samba4/scripts/create_dns-host_spn.py manually on dns-dc3?

Janis Meybohm


A little late. Since the UCS system was running as a VM, I killed it and created a new one with the same name. I was having some rather high memory and CPU usage on that system. After the ‘reinstall’ - all seems well now.