DNS exclusion for some third level domain names

I’m testing UCS and actually I’m really enthusiast about it, great job!

What I create till now is a DC installation but using an external DHCP service, everything works fine.
I created a domain like company.com (cause of my user I would like avoid to have a .local/.lan/.intranet domain name) and the DNS service (correctly) try to resolve every third level domain names.

But some of our systems are outside the local infrastructure (i.e. cloud, e.g. www.company.com), so I would like to avoid adding their resolution to the forward dns zone manually (and then maintain them).
Since they are on public DNS I’m wondering whether it’s possibile or not to add some kind of exclusion to UCS DNS so that it would forward the request externally (already configured) DNS.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance


no this is by design of DNS not possible. If a host knows about a domain it does not forward the request to anyone else.

The solution for your scenario would be to use for UCS a domain called “lan.company.com” (therefore a sub-domain of the original one). Thus, you will always be able to reach “www.company.com” as well as having no issues reaching internal systems.


Thank you for your suggestion!

I’ll move to that approach.