Directory security delay

When adding a group or a user to a share using the Microsoft Active Directory tools, it takes time before the user has the permissions.

If i add a new user “John Doe” to an Existing Security controlled group “Finance”. I can run “getfacl /home/shares/corporate/Finance/”

And see that that user is in fact there and has :rwx permissions.
However when the user goes to Windows explorer and goes to the shares directory, it tells him he does not have access.

If i leave it overnight, the next morning the person has the needed/expected access.
Is there anyway to speed this up, be it a setting or a script/command that i need to run ??


Hi Jason,

this is normal. If you want to use the new group immediately, you have to logout and login the user again. The windows session get this information only on login or after the time the gpo is configured to renew.


Understood, thank you very much for the reply