Determining suitability and pricing for UCS for my environment

Been looking for a replacement for NIS. Have a small network of two servers, half a dozen virtual machines, firewall (opnsense), VPN and a truenas NAS. We may want to also provide authentication to some other services but that’s a future project. I like to have one source authentication credentials and it looks like UCS could help with that.

I started to experiment with UCS but I need a better understanding of what services I should use from UCS. For example I prefer to keep dns and dhcp on the firewall. what impact would hat have on UCS.

on the question of pricing? it looks like the base cost is 382$ plus 19$/user to give me everything I need for to authenticate users on the VPN, NAS and systems?

Thanks, I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I learn more!

I suspect you will run into issues keeping DNS on the firewall, but it probably depends on what services you want to run.

I have a similar setup to yours at my house I use for testing and I have my local machines use opnsense for DNS and opnsense refers to UCS for specific domain stuff. That way I get the benefit of what opnsense offers with various DNS plugins for all my clients, but UCS operates the way it wants to for DNS and the various records it creates for certain services.

I don’t know of any reasons you’d need to put DHCP on UCS vs something else, and I don’t run DHCP on UCS and have had no issues.

UCS does fine as a source of authentication for Truenas, VPN, and other services I’ve tried it with.

I’d probably contact Univention directly on the pricing issue. None of that happens on the forums AFAIK.

Thanks for the kind reply.

only reason for the DHCP/DNS on UCS was so DHCP could update DNS when a machine gets an address. I’ll try moving dns back to UCS and see how it works