Depricated Printer-Driver in UCS 4.3




I tried to update an UCS from one of our customers from 4.2-2 to 4.3.0. I had no problem going from 4.2-2 to 4.2-3 to 4.2-4. But after the update to 4.3-0 the customers was no able to print anymore on a network-printer that is connected via IP at the said UCS. I already know the reason for this. The “Generic text-only printer” is now depricated in 4.3-0 he is using.

Unfortunately the software he still use hasn’t been updated in the past 20 years and is only able to work with the specific printer/driver. I followed this guide to get the said driver back into the system:

  • I placed the driver under /usr/share/ppd/cupsfilters/textonly.ppd (last know location)
  • I checked the entry for the printer in the ldap-directory( was still the same )

I restartet the services, the server itself and the printer.
Normally thats it but it the printer still wont work. Any suggestion what I could have forgotten/missed?
At the moment the system is on Version 4.2-4 and works without problems.


i did some research and found the reason why your procedure isn’t working any more.

    -> textonly filter has been replaced by texttotext

  2. the changes were made with cups version 1.10.0, released 15-Jul-2016

    -> univention updated 79univention-printserver.inst and removed the deprecated cupsfilters/textonly.ppd

But you can still setup a text-only printer with the cups-webinterface (http://ucs-server-name:631)

Tested with UCS 4.3-1


while leaving for today, ollikaa told me that he forgot to mention that theres no need for a ppd file anymore