DC Master, Backup Workaround

Hallo ich betreibe einen DC Master, ein DC Backup als VM, einen NAS der die domain gejoint hat und ca 15 WinClients in der domain.

Zwischendurch sichere ich den Master mit CloneZilla, jedoch viel zu selten. Meine Fragen:

  1. Wie lange darf der Master ausfallen ?

  2. Kann ich den Master mit diesen DiskCloneHardwareStations clonen ? (das könnten Mitarbeiter vor ort entsprechend häufig erledigen)



the master may fail as long as no write operations should happen at the LDAP…

In practice one will notice this quite fast. So: Minutes rather than hours.

And yes, you can “save” the master as a snapshot.
After a “restore”, please note that the backup must be rejoined, as it has a newer database than the master!


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Really, that sounds nice. But at UCS basic training we were told that if the database on backup or slave a newer then master, the only way is to Upgrade the Backup to Master, and install a new backup.

Oh oh, sounds not so good. How long does it takes backup became master?

Never done before, but i think it is only one command, so… seconds. Must have a look at the ucs documentation.