Customize self-service module

I know the self-service module is most often used for password resets. But is there any way to customize the form for “Your profile”? In my case, I want to add an option for users to upload their own S/MIME public key. mentions the UCR variables which can be changed to enable users to modify additional attributes of their own account.
There is also a tutorial available at

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This looks promising. First tests are without success, though. I added userSMIMECertificate to self-service/ldap_attributes and SMIMEcertificate –the label I gave to the extended attribute in UMC– to self-service/udm_attributes

self-service/ldap_attributes: jpegPhoto,mail,telephoneNumber,roomNumber,departmentNumber,st,homePhone,mobile,homePostalAddress,userSMIMECertificate
self-service/udm_attributes: jpegPhoto,e-mail,phone,roomnumber,departmentNumber,country,homeTelephoneNumber,mobileTelephoneNumber,homePostalAddress,SMIMEcertificate

Do I have to change something at the custom attribute? Currently, it’s set to just extend the module users/user but maybe I need something like users/self or so …