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New to UCS and excited about the features! How do I create a share drive/folder and associate to a policy. Where every user with that policy logs in automatically has access to that drive.

I sent a contact form in for sales as I’m interested in some training and using this product but haven’t heard back yet.

Please have a look at our manual: … management

You can simply add a share, select a group for the field “Directory owner group of the share’s root directory” and give the group write permissions (“Permissions for the share’s root directory”). Afterwards, a user can connect via Windows client to the share: \<share name>.


I created severals group, now I would to give read/write permission of somes groups for a specific share’s folder.

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File system ACLs (that’s what »permissions« are usually called on Linux) can be administered either via the Linux shell (with the »setfacl« and »getfacl« tools; see e.g. here and here for their documnetation) or via the Windows Explorer if you’re connected to the share as a domain administrator.