Copy UCS LDAP data between UCS Servers

Hello All,

I have a previous installation of UCS server, and recently installed what I will classify as a more stable version. Is there a way to copy the LDAP data (Users, Groups et al) from old server to this new server.

I would prefer an option that does not need both to be in the same domain (one as server, other as backup/slave). Something cleaner is preferred.


hmm… easiest would be if they are at the domain. But the former server would need to have a higher (or same) version as your “stable” UCS. You would then join the new server as backup to the old server and then execute the “backup-to-master” script (Afterwards, shut down the former server completely).

If they should not be in same domain you maybe can adapt the following Wiki Article: It is not exactly what you want, but described there are methods to copy the relevant data from one server to another.