Contact Picture from UCS in OX?



i was wondering, how i would actually upload a users picture to the OX global adress book.
I tried the umc way, which i would consider the expected way to work, like so:

But that will then not show up in OX:

I have also no editing rights to the GAB directly.
Any idea on how to do it correctly in UCS / OX?


Hi, last night, i have upgrade to last version of OX and the contact picture is working from univention.


wel yes, that’s exactly how i would expect it to work. Glad to hear this has been fixed.


Sorry, i made a mistake, not work. The photo was local contact, not a univention contact (ldap), so that i will have to wait a solution.


Ok, back to the people in the forum then.
Any idea, why this is not working as expected?


There is simply no interface to set the picture (the HTTP-API at least has one to get it):


oxadmin user is the owner of global address book. So tried to login to that account and tried to modify the address picture from appsuite address book app. Address book can’t be modified normally. Tried to give Admin access to oxadmin account but result is same. If somehow we can give write access it is possible. @troeder can help I think.