Changing (main) domain on o365 connector

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what’s the process to changing the (main) domain on office265. Atm UCS registered as domain and than we have to chance it on Microsoft zu … how to configure ucs to using
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That would be great if possible… since the begin what i have done is adapt the script so when the user is created i change the domain… I now that should be done, but is working for me
Something like this

nano /usr/share/pyshared/univention/office365/
#Search for def _create_user and change the line ...
attributes["userPrincipalName"] = attributes["userPrincipalName"].replace('@DOMAIN_IN_O365_UCS','@PRETENDED_DOMAIN')
#Restart the service
invoke-rc.d univention-directory-listener restart

As i mentioned… that could break, procede with caution.

In the moment i’m still running 2.4 version

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